My toes clutch the edge harder

Grinding in lateral motions

Spaced rhythmically

Slowing from a whip to a waltz

As the pressure increases

And the first trickle of blood appears

The stream breaks and merges

At random intervals

Unceremoniously filling

An abundance of craters

Pock marking a marred stone slab

The sensation of gravity turned

The angle of my incline feels

Much more like laying forward

Than standing up

And I am off kilter

As my weight sways

and I stagger

The whir of the world

Is particularly loud this morning

My feet cramp

My knuckles crack

And an odd paralysis sets in

I feel heavy


Like a stone statue

worn beyond recognition

That is now defined more by age than purpose

By which histories are catalogued, defined and deciphered

The passage of time is deafening

It is arduous in its tedium

Overwhelming in its relentlessness

It is clumsy and formless

Never linear or predictable


I trample on memories

And rebuild anew

I destroy myself with uncertainty

Growing weak and weathered with each frantic step

And, all the while, going nowhere fast


Lift off

I’m hoping that, in my lifetime, space travel becomes a viable and safe possibility. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a dream of one day looking back at the Earth from a ship traveling, well, elsewhere.

If you can, venture to a place that isn’t blanketed by the light pollution of a city in the late evening. Try to avoid nights with a large moon or cloud cover. Stare up at the stars. Do so in silence for some length of time and I promise you’ll start to wonder about… things. I imagine each person will question something different but what I’m sure of is that you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling a unique sense of awe.

In those moments, I think of what it would be like to traverse the myriad of stars and star systems that pepper the night sky. For me, it is an excitingly pragmatic endeavor. I don’t want to be a space pirate of a war general. I want to be the captain of a ship that checks off the answers to the questions humanity has always had about the nature of the universe.