Lift off

I’m hoping that, in my lifetime, space travel becomes a viable and safe possibility. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a dream of one day looking back at the Earth from a ship traveling, well, elsewhere.

If you can, venture to a place that isn’t blanketed by the light pollution of a city in the late evening. Try to avoid nights with a large moon or cloud cover. Stare up at the stars. Do so in silence for some length of time and I promise you’ll start to wonder about… things. I imagine each person will question something different but what I’m sure of is that you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling a unique sense of awe.

In those moments, I think of what it would be like to traverse the myriad of stars and star systems that pepper the night sky. For me, it is an excitingly pragmatic endeavor. I don’t want to be a space pirate of a war general. I want to be the captain of a ship that checks off the answers to the questions humanity has always had about the nature of the universe.