Nifty Fifty

Chad and I hit 50 episodes this week. I know. I have no idea how we managed to pull that off either. Here are the top 3 things that shocked me about blasting through that milestone.

1: Many podcasts never make it past the first episode.

And far fewer make it past the third episode. It’s true. The fact that we’ve made it to 50 is still astounding to me. This isn’t to say we haven’t had our share of difficulties, of course. Equipment problems, recording issues, webhost jam ups, just life in general, you name it and we’ve faced it. This show and its continued success is due to the dedication and persistence of one man. Chad Hall. He is relentless and that’s what you need. A person that is unwilling to let anything stand in the way of moving forward.

2: It feels like no time has passed at all

It’s been 3 years. Within that span, we’ve experimented with different formats, subjects, equipment, editing techniques, recording techniques and a whole host of other things, including a whole bunch of different hosts, in an attempt to find a sweet spot. What we’ve realized is that the more we mess with it, the less we like. The irony is that we’re now doing a show far less structured and prepped than we’ve ever done and it feels great! more importantly, it feels right. Having come full circle, it feels like so little time has passed.

3. How the hell have we not run out of things to talk about?!

Seriously, though. With each passing episode, we further discovery the depths of nerdiness we both share and we show no signs of discovering the outer limits of that threshhold any time soon. In fact, we’ll probably talk about The Outer Limits on our next episode considering I’ve brought it up here. Wow. I’m a little punny today.

Here’s to another 50 with the most dedicated friend I’ve ever had. If you don’t have a Chad in your life, you are truly missing out. Love you, my friend.